White Collar Fight Night is an innovative new sporting and social event that allows CEOs, business executives, and other white-collar professionals to show off their boxing prowess while at the same time putting on a wildly entertaining show and raising money for local charities.

Combining elegant dining, fundraising, and combat sports into one unforgettable event, White Collar Fight Night is the perfect opportunity for local business executives in China to come together, enjoy an evening of exciting events, raise money for great causes, and compete in a boxing match.

White Collar Fight Nights have taken place in many large cities all over China. To view a list of recent events, click here:

For those who compete in White Collar Fight Night, the event is a fun and completely safe way to participate in combat sports. Participants in White Collar Fight Night are required to wear headgear as well as sixteen-ounce gloves in order to all but eliminate the risk of injury.

Participants are also given three months to train so that they can put their best foot forward the night of the big event.

Watch a video of the Shenzhen White Collar Fight Night, by Shenzhen Daily.

Watch a video of the Guangzhou White Collar Fight Night

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