Date and Time

April 14, 2018 at 2:00 PM - April 14, 2018 at 4:00 PM
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The first of many Beer Revenge sessions premiered and sold out last weekend. Every corner of “Planet Shanghai” crawled out of hibernation to unite under the gentle Spring sun in the name of Beer Revenge!


Thanks to your new Beer Revenge squad from all over the world, each round of free-flowing craft beer resulted in “gambei-ing” in a different language. Conversations ranged from relationship advice to philosophy and football, and somehow your magical cup seemed to refill itself.  Needless to say at the turn of every hour, it would appear that the stories being shared got increasingly hilarious as laughter spilled over from table to table.



It’s perfectly normal to feel devastated if you missed out on the launch of Beer Revenge because you did! But, aren’t you glad that life is full of second chances? Drum roll, please…  


On Saturday 14th April 2018, we present to you Beer Revenge – The Founders CBS Luxury Edition   


参与理由 Why should you join?

-It will be available to Chinese craft beer fans for the FIRST TIME. 第一次和中国酒粉们正式见面。所以我们会有一个开桶仪式。

-Rate beer rate is 100! RATE BEER 评分双百分,UT评分高达变态的4.578分。

-It's a rare and exclusive breed of beer 2016年停产,如今又鬼使神差的恢复了生产。所以不太容易喝到

-ABU is at 11.7%. WOW, 100ml might get some craft beer newbies buzzed without effort 此款帝国世涛酒精度数在11.7度,意味着,CBS不费吹灰之力就可以让那些精酿小白们进入“放松”状态

-Mingle and meet your fellow Beer Revenge friends!  当然最重要的是,不要再次错过这次第二次机会和“啤酒复仇者”们一起轻松愉快的度过一个减压周六下午。


门票只需要88元,包括100毫升的品鉴以及一瓶FOUNDERS ALL DAY IPA.

Your ticket to Beer Revenge – The Founders CBS Luxury Edition will only cost you 88 RMB, which includes 100ml of Founders CBS as well as a bottle of Founders All Day (IPA).

活动会从下午2点开始,我们会有一个正式的开桶仪式。 然后你爱喝到几点,没人管你!

The day will start at 14:00 with beer-friendly chit-chatter and mingling, followed by a brief 15minute intro (14:30 -14:45) to the world of Founders CBS. Then we will cheers and raise our glasses until the sun threatens to set!  


Be part of this nifty experience on April 14th, 2018 from 14:00 – 16:00 at BrewBear, 109/Loft 1, 283 Jiangguoxilu, near Jiashanlu.


See you there!

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