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May 18, 2018 at 7:00 PM - May 20, 2018 at 11:00 PM
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Boogaloo is the only indoor music and dance festival of its kind in Shanghai, combining Chinese and International bands and artists ranging from swing, blues, funk, soul, roots rock and bluegrass, along with a series of dance workshops hosted by acclaimed instructors and performers. What’s unique about Boogaloo is how the festival will fuse live soulful music and its special collaborative relationship with dance through workshops, social and performance. You don’t have to be a dancer to get into the groove. All this complimented with great food and drink offerings at an iconic and beautiful location.



Friday Workshops

7-8pm - Lindy (Basic)初级课程
An introduction to Lindy Hop that is catered to beginners who want to pick up this fun dance! You don't need experience and you don't need to bring a partner. Bring your friends and join in with our experienced and talented international teachers.

8.15-9.15pm - Lindy (Advance)进阶课程
For those already know how to lindy hop, here is a chance to learn more skills and to put a fresh new bounce into your dance!

9.15pm to 11.15pm - Dance social party with songs curated by the instructors who will also be performing, dancing along and DJ-ing the whole session. In celebration of Frankie Manning’s birthday month.

伴随讲师精心编选的音乐开始社交舞会,庆祝Frankie Manning的生日月。

Saturday Workshops

12.30pm to 1.30pm - Lindy Hop Workshop 林迪舞舞蹈课程
Rhythms First! Freshen up your swing rhythms with new ways to express your dance steps.
抓住节拍韵律!  通过新的舞步,让你对摇摆舞韵律的理解焕然一新。

1.45pm to 2.45pm - Solo Jazz Workshop     

Solo Jazz舞蹈课程
Dig deep into the roots of the dance and understand how to each move works to free up your creativity!


3pm to 4pm - In the Groove of Blues Workshop   In the Groove of Blues课程
Feel the blues, feel the groove. Work your body and soul to develop soulful, melodic movement to the music we will hear this weekend.
感受布鲁斯,感受节奏。 让你的身心通过舞步自如沉浸于这个周末即将听到的音乐当中。

Saturday Festival

5.30-6.10pm - Alex Terry & Victor Chen (Australia/Singapore)

6.30-7.15pm - Cat Mountain Kings (Singapore)

7.45-8.45pm - New Grasslands (China)

9.15-10.15pm - Joanna Dong (Singapore)

10.45-11.45 - Alex Terry and Raw Earth (Australia/Singapore)

Sunday Workshops

12.30pm to 1.30pm - Lindy Hop  

Flow and Mean It! - Get inspired to styling your lindy hop with confidence to make your own mark on the dance floor.
跟随灵感而行!  让你富有自信去创作自己风格的林迪舞舞蹈

1.45pm to 2.45pm - House Dance Workshop  House 舞蹈课程
Learn from the best! House is one of the many dance descendants from the Afro African traditions and we have a house champion to learn from!

你将师从最优秀的冠军舞者。House是从Afro African传统的众多舞蹈之一。

3pm to 4pm - Solo Jazz Workshop II   Solo Jazz舞蹈课程
Keep the movement alive and with passion. Working with authentic rhythms and styling, bring the dance back to the roots!

保存你的热情, 让每一个舞步栩栩如生。 伴随真实的节奏和风格,让舞蹈回归根源。

Sunday Festival

5-5.40pm - Chris Eu & Surath Godfrey (Singapore)

6-7pm - Royal HOMBREs with Matthew Cadillac Cooper (USA/China)

7.30-8.30pm - Collectivity (China)

9-10pm - Nacomi Tanaka and The Blues Temple (Japan)

10.30-11.45am - Boogaloo All-Star Jam 

Tribute to B.B King and Chicago Blues All Star Jam with Raw Earth featuring Alex, Chris Eu, Nacomi Tanaka, Matt Cooper and more surprises guests.

*Schedule and line-up subject to change without notice


Day 1 - Friday 18 May - Frankie Manning Birthday Lindy Hop Workshop and Party

The inaugural festival kicks off on Friday 18th May celebrating the birthday month of its founder Frankie Manning with an introduction to Lindy Hop catered to beginners followed by an intermediate dance workshop and ending on a high with a fun dance social dance party.

第一天(5月18日星期五):Frankie Manning的林迪舞舞蹈课程和生日舞蹈派对

首届艺术节将在5月18日星期五开幕,这天是创始人Frankie Manning的生日,在庆祝其生日的同时,Frankie Manning将在初级班首先介绍林迪舞,随后进入中级舞蹈课程,最后是愉快的舞蹈社交舞会。

Day 2 - Saturday 19 May - Boogaloo Shanghai Dance Workshops and Music Performances

Boogaloo will be back with more dance moves from Lindy Hop to the Solo Jazz Workshop, a body and soul warm up that will lead to the beginning of the musical performances. Our stage will feature artists like headliner Joanna Dong, a multi-talented and popular Singaporean jazz vocalist with a repertoire to delight the audience with a wide variety of swing and pop styles; as well as Raw Earth, made up of a stellar line-up consisting of some of Singapore’s best blues rock musicians, the fantastic New Grassland from China bringing bluegrass to the next level and much more.

第二天(5月19日星期六):Boogaloo上海 舞蹈工作室课程和音乐表演

Boogaloo将从林迪舞到独奏爵士带来更多的舞蹈动作,首先让身体和心灵都热起来,接着是开场音乐表演。在众多位艺术家之中, Joanna Dong将作为首席表演嘉宾,Joanna是一位多才多艺的新加坡顶尖爵士歌手,她将用变幻无穷的摇摆与流行音乐风格的表演让观众赏心悦目。Raw Earth是由新加坡顶尖音乐家组成的最佳蓝调摇滚乐队。来自中国的New Grassland,将蓝草音乐提升到一个新的境界。


Day 3 - Sunday 20 May - Boogaloo Shanghai Dance Workshops and Music Performances

Boogaloo will again host more specialised dance workshops, and followed by with music by Nacomi Tanaka and The Blues Temple, a Japanese singer and guitarist with music roots from B.B.King, Otis Rush, Muddy Waters and Little Walter. Alex Terry, an Australian blues harmonica player and vocalist; Collectivity from China with their high energy, jazz-funk, psychedelic soulful sound, and much more. Boogaloo will close with a bang – definitely won’t want to miss out on a Boogaloo All-Star Finale Jam hosted by Raw Earth with an array of special and surprise guests. Musical fireworks guaranteed.


Boogaloo将带来进阶舞蹈课程,音乐表演部分将欣赏到Nacomi Tanaka and The Blues Temple的音乐表演。她是日本女歌手和吉他手,受到B.B.King、 Otis Rush、Muddy Waters和Little Walter的影响很深。Alex Terry是澳大利亚蓝调口琴演奏家和歌手。Collectivity是充满活力的爵士-放克、迷幻灵魂乐的音乐家。Boogaloo将会以重磅演出谢幕,所以千万不要错过Boogaloo由Raw Earth主持的全明星即兴演奏压轴演出,其间将会有特别惊喜嘉宾出席。敬请期待烟花音乐汇演。

Accompanying these standout acts, will be food and drinks served up by some of Shanghai’s favorite chefs and bartenders. On-site there will be Live BBQ by Austin Hu, Joe’s Pizza, Burgers by BYOB, Taco Lao Ban and more, satisfying everyone’s appetite! 

伴随以上精彩的表演,将有上海最受欢迎的厨师和调酒师准备的美食和饮品,包括Live BBQ by Austin Hu, Joe’s Pizza, Burgers by BYOB, Taco Lao Ban等,满足大家的口味!