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April 14, 2018 at 12:00 PM - April 14, 2018 at 11:45 PM
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ChengduBeer Ticket sales is over in meanwhile! 

线下售票 Offline Tickets can still be bought at:

啤酒窝1店(酒吧) The Beer Nest I

武侯区,锦绣路34号附7号(棕北国际楼下) Wuhou District, Jinxiu Road 34-7 (opposite Poly Center Ping’an Bank)

At the festival, tickets can be pick-up the white tent on the left-hand side of the entrance!

如果取票有问题,麻烦你给打个电话 13025491802

If any problems, call 13025491802 or 13730871837


续Ultra、Life in Color之后, 又一大世界知名的电子音乐节.

Creamfields 即将登陆我大成姆斯特丹啦!

Creamfields is an international dance music festival, hitting Chengdu on the 14th of April at the Intangible Cultural Heritage Park.


The first big music festival this year in Chengdu is just weeks away! Creamfields is an international dance music festival, hitting Chengdu on the 14th of April at the Intangible Cultural Heritage Park. This now global festival originated in England and has spread internationally in the recent years by holding events across Europe as well as South America, and now they've expanded to China. With a host of international DJs, it should kick off the summer festival period in style. 

Normal Ticket Price: RMB450
“You have to be 18+ to attend the event”


Creamfields 成都站



超强 MOSH PIT 艺人篇


蛇叔Snake 法国划时代鬼才DJ及制作人,2012年《Born This Way》获得第54届格莱美奖“年度专辑”的提名。2013年发行个人首支单曲《Turn Down for What》。2015年获得第57届格莱美奖“最佳音乐录影带”奖项的提名,并获得公告牌音乐奖“最佳舞曲/电子歌曲”奖 。2016年《Lean On》再次获得公告牌音乐奖“最佳舞曲/电子歌曲”奖,以及发行了首张录音室专辑《Encore》。


DJ Snake is a French DJ and record producer from Paris. In 2012, the single “Born This Way” earned him a Grammy nomination for Album of the Year in February 2012. In 2013, the legendary tack "Turn Down for What” was released. In 2015, he was nominated for the 57th Grammy Awards for Best Music Videos and received the Billboard Music Award for Best Dance / Electronic Song. 2016 single “Lean On” won the Billboard Music Award for Best Dance / Electronic Song again, same year the debut studio album “Encore” was released. 

Only DJ Snake can create the history of performing on the French Peugeot building Triomphe! Having won numerous Grammy Award, DJ Snake is no doubt a don of electronic music! He doesn't just play hot hits, he CREATES!


银发少年Ghastly的电音之路并非一帆风顺,在初期阶段身无分文无家可归也不曾放弃,酷爱日本动漫的他,从纹身到发型都颇为贴合,你会误认为他是从漫画中走出来的叛逆少年! 有着超棒的现场操控与音乐作品,领略一番属于Bass Music的极乐世界!

Ghastly’s music career has never been easy. He was broke in the beginning but never gave up.He’s fascinated by Japanese anime and styled himself even like so. From silver hair and tattoos he looks like a bad boy coming right from a Japanese comic book! Let’s take a bass music ride with him and look forward to his sick performance at Creamfields!


唱片骑师Mercer,作为巴黎三大巨头之一,他不仅是Snake的密友更是Pardon My French组合中的成员,他以一首《Welcome to the jungle》而一举闻名,在加入了Spinnin’ 厂牌后,在电音圈中人气不断高涨,有着张力切震撼的音乐现场,将魔力直接呈现在大家眼前,他是演出现场的催化剂。

Mercer, one of the three giants from Paris, not only has DJ Snake as his best friend, but also a member of the Pardon My French group. "Welcome to the jungle" made Mercer a household name overnight. After joined the Spinnin' label, he starts to taking the EDM world by storm. With his pulsating performances, the audiences are set to dance like crazy to his monstrous sounds.


Ookay,美国DJ和电子舞曲制作人。Ookay通过重新混音了Congrorock的《Bless Di Nation Ft. Sean Paul》,Steve Aoki, Chris Lake & Tujamo 的 《Boneless》,打破了嘻哈与EDM之间的界限,同时在Ultra Recordings 榜单中获得压倒性的成功。之后,Ookay更与电子音乐超级巨星Diplo合作发布了Avicii的《You Make Me》,Ookay很快成为电乐界家喻户晓的名字,最值得期待的是此次在成都的演出是以Live Set的形式呈现。

Ookay is an American DJ and electronic music producer. He exploded onto the electronic music scene with remixes such as Bless Di Nation Ft. Sean Paul” by Congrorock and Steve Aoki, Chris Lake & Tujamo’s “Boneless”. He broke the boundaries between hip-hop and EDM and made a name for himself by charting on Ultra Recordings. Ookay also teamed up with Diplo remixing Avicii’s “You Make Me”. he soon became a household name in EDM family.This show is a Live Set in Chengdu.


 Ticket Price: 450RMB

时 间 | Date + Time: 4月14日  April 14th, 1pm - 10:20pm

地 址 | Address: 成都市成都非物质文化遗产公园

Chengdu Intangible Cultural Heritage Park

🚌 交通一路通 Transportation 🚇

地铁4号线 非遗博览园站

Metro Line 4, Intangible Cultural Heritage Park

公交 Bus: No. 30/54/96/305/311/320/342/511/703路 - 土龙路口下即到 Tulong Road Bus Station

Pick up your ticket from booth at main entrance [look for ChengduBeer/ Chengdu-Expat logo]