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About ClearCut

Host's, Creator's and Affiliate's can launch white labeled pages and start
earning and engaging their community in minutes rather than weeks.

Create your events and start earning in three easy ways.

Create & Host

It’s Your Brand. It’s Your Event. It’s Your Community. ClearCut wants your landing pages to look like they’re part of your own site! In just a few clicks, setup a beautiful personalized landing page with rich content.

Copy & Paste Set-up
White Labeled Pages
Photos, Videos & Tickets

Engage & Promote

Generate custom shareable links and QR codes that can be placed anywhere, online or offline. Make it easier for your community to learn about you, your partners and what you want to promote.

Sharable Across Social
Dynamic Tracking Links
Generate QR Codes

Signup & Sell

Generate tickets and collect with International and Chinese payment options, make it smoother for your community to signup and pay. Track and reward your affiliates and partners using our tracking link generator.

Sell Tickets & Activities
Earn in RMB & USD
Engage & Track Affiliates


Industry standard pricing and no hidden costs

RMB Price


Per Ticket

If the ticket is 200 RMB: AliPay, TenPay and China UnionPay take 1%, TryClearCut's service fee is 2%.

USD Price

5.5% + $1

Per Ticket

If the ticket is $50: PayPal and Visa takes 3% plus $0.30, TryClearCut's fee is only 2.5% plus $0.69.

Payment Methods

We support international and Chinese payment methods.

WeChat Pay
American Express

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